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1.       Purpose of By-Laws

The intention of these by-laws is to set guidelines to make it fair and equitable for all members of the club. The by-laws are the agreed procedures by which our club carries out our activities and are framed to meet our needs. Excluding the Fish Competition Rules, they may be amended at any time without notice, and are continuously updated by resolutions from club meetings. “Members” refers to financial members.

2.       Duties of Management Committee Officers

  • President
    • Chair all club meetings
    • Is spokesperson for the club
    • Chair monthly Fish Meet Sunday function at RHPA Hall
    • select and present President’s Award for “most outstanding catch” at Fish Meets
    • Is a member of the Disputes Resolution committee
    • Is an ex-officio member of all committees

2.2.     Vice President

  • Deputise for President when unavailable
  • Assist President

2.3.     Secretary

  • Take minutes at all meetings
  • Issue minutes to all members within a week of meetings
  • Handle all club correspondence
  • Table in and out correspondence at monthly meetings
  • Notify all members of secret object at 5am on Friday of Fish Meet
  • Maintain a register of members who have shed keys
  • Send completed Indemnity Forms to the QAFCA Secretary with the     appropriate fee as required by the QAFCA Insurance Policy

2.4.     Treasurer

  • Handle the club’s finances
  • Arrange for cash takings to be counted by 2 members, handed to treasurer for receipting, and banked
  • Table current Treasurers Report at monthly meetings
  • Prepare Annual Financial Report for auditing in July
  • Prepare annual budget
  • Maintain assets register

2.5.     Registrar

  • Maintain a supply of new member information packs
  • Receive applications for new membership and membership renewals and present these to the meetings for acceptance or rejection
  • Welcome new members at Fish Meets by introducing them to committee and members present
  • Maintain a Membership Register
  • Arrange the production of club clothing (e.g. dress shirts, sponsors shirts, caps and stubby coolers) for sale or distribution to
  • Provide Nomination Forms for Management Committee elections
  • Update QAFCA and RHPA with current membership details
  • Maintain current details of members on gmail
  • Preparation and issuing of member’s membership cards

2.6.     Record Keeper

  • Award points for each eligible fish on a Fish Meet Scoresheet
  • Disqualify any fish recorded at Fish Meets that is ineligible due to a violation of any of the Fishing Competition Rules
  • Produce and distribute a monthly Fish Meet Result Sheet, except the May and June Result Sheets which will not be distributed
  • Table Fish Meet Result Sheet at monthly meetings
  • Keep a file of Fish Meet Result Sheets
  • Maintain record boards at RHPA Hall
  • Is a member of the Disputes Resolution committee
  • Determine Presentation Night trophy list in conjunction with the Club Fish Records (refer to Fishing Competition Rules in Addendum)

2.7.     Sponsorship Coordinator

  • Enlist new sponsors as required
  • Retain current sponsors by sending letter of request to continue in May, followed by follow-up
  • In July, update sponsor’s board and banner with current sponsors
  • Arrange club membership for sponsors – 2 for gold and 1 for silver

2.8.     Fundraising Coordinator

  • Draw up roster for monthly sausage sizzle at Recycle Centre
  • Draw up rosters for monthly sausage sizzle and meat tray raffle raffle at Fish Meets
  • Maintain barbecue supplies in clean and good condition
  • Liaise with secretary and treasurer for stock purchases

2.9.     General Committee Member (non-specific duties)

  • To co-ordinate any subcommittee as required

3.       Election of Officers

  • Annual General Meeting
    • The Nomination Form for Management Committee positions shall be sent to all members after the May Management Committee Meeting, with   completed forms to be returned fourteen (14) days prior to the June General
    • New Management Committee Officers shall be elected at the June General Meeting and assume their positions from 1
    • The Annual Financial Report shall be sent to the auditor during the first week in July.
    • The AGM shall be held in August as the audit report shall not be available until At the AGM the audited Annual Financial Report shall be presented for adoption, and the new Management Committee shall be    confirmed.

4.       Club Membership

  • Annual Membership Fee
    • A once-only joining fee for new senior members shall be $25
    • Annual membership fee for senior members shall be $50, comprising
  1. a) Annual QAFCA membership fee of $14 which includes insurance premium, b) annual RHPA membership fee of $5, and, c) annual RHFC Inc membership fee of $45, or $5/month when new members join during the
  • Annual membership for junior members shall be free provided a parent or guardian is a financial member. The annual QAFCA membership fee for juniors of $7 shall be paid by the
  • Annual membership fees shall be reviewed annually at the June General

4.2.     RHPA membership

  • As RHFC Inc is an affiliated member of RHPA, annual membership of RHPA is compulsory at the nominal fee in 1.2.
  • To abide by Liquor Licensing Laws and to protect the RHPA Liquor License, NO alcoholic beverages are to be taken to the RHPA Hall when the bar is open

4.3.     QAFCA membership

  • Insurance. Refer to “QAFCA’s Insurance in Simple English” in the Addendum and to QAFCA website for full
  • Indemnity Forms. For our insurance policy to remain valid when a nonmember attends any club activity, an indemnity form (Refer to           Addendum)shall be completed by the nonmember and handed to the
  • “Tight Lines” annual magazine. The Secretary shall prepare (in conjunction with the Newsletter Editor) and send an annual report of the club’s activities       to the QAFCA Secretary by November for inclusion in “Tight Lines”, a copy of        which all members shall
  • Regional QAFCA has included RHFC Inc in the Bundaberg Regional Division.

4.4.     Life Membership

  • At the discretion of the Management Committee, members shall be considered for life membership on completion of 15 years of
  • Although the annual QAFCA membership fee and the annual RHPA membership fee shall still apply, the annual RHFC Inc membership fee shall          be reduced to

5.       Meetings

  • General
    • General meetings shall be held in the RHPA Hall from 6.30pm on the Wednesday nights following the Fish Meets in August, October, December,       March and
    • The quorum required is the number of Management Committee Officers +

5.2.     Management Committee

  • Management Committee meetings shall be held in the RHPA Hall from 30pm on the Wednesday nights following the Fish Meets in July, September, November, February, April and May.
  • The quorum required is half the number of Management Committee Officers + 1.

6.       Fishing-Related Events

  • Monthly Fish Meets
    • Refer to Fishing Competition Rules in
    • At the Sunday “weigh-in”, a free sausage sizzle shall be provided for all
    • At the Sunday “weigh-in”, members are requested to enter their name and membership number in the attendance book. After the slideshow, a “lucky          member draw” shall be held for a prize, currently a $40 voucher at   Fishermans Den.
    • At the Sunday “weigh-in”, a meat tray provided by a sponsor (Pt Vernon Butchers) shall be
    • At the Sunday “weigh-in”, an activity shall be organised to conclude at least every second Fish Meet, g. crab tying, fish filleting, knife sharpening,      crab races, cast net throwing, lure casting, celebrity heads, Crown Shield        dibbs competition, and Easter eggs. An organiser shall be nominated for each                   activity.

6.2.     Photo Competition

  • Refer to Photo Competition Rules in Addendum

6.3.     Fraser Coast Interclub Competition

  • This competition is held over the Queen’s Birthday weekend in June, and hosted by participating clubs on a rotation basis.
  • The rules for this competition are reviewed at an annual meeting to which all participating clubs are invited.
  • The club shall participate in this annual event, and elect a Interclub Competition Coordinator to coordinate the club’s total involvement in the competition including attending the meeting referred to in 6.3.2, nominating      the club and paying the nomination fee, communicating the details of the    competition to all members, determining tactics with members to maximise     the club’s chances of winning the competition, and representing the club at    the weigh-in.

6.4.     Midmonth Social Fishing Trips

  • One trip per month is scheduled on a weekday when the weather conditions and tides are suitable, to a venue in Hervey Bay waters, the Mary River or the Susan River.
  • All members are invited to participate, and we travel to and from the venue
  • After the trip, participants meet at the Club Shed for a bbq sausage

6.5.     Barra and Salmon Fishing Competition

  • This event shall only be organised when a subcommittee of interested members can be formed

6.6.     Fraser Coast Fishing Classic

  • The club shall participate in the event when it is up and running sometime in the future

7.       Social Events

  • Annual Club Trip Away
    • A subcommittee shall be formed to organise an annual trip away over a suitable weekend.
    • When financially viable, the club shall subsidise members’ food and/or accommodation cost, as determined by the management

7.2.     Christmas Fishing Classic / Club Xmas Party

  • A Club Xmas Party shall be held on the Sunday of the December Fish Nibbles, prawns, main meal and deserts shall be served between 1pm and 3pm.
  • A Xmas Fishing Classic shall be conducted in addition to and during the December Fish Meet. Refer to Xmas Fishing Classic in Addendum for details

7.3.     Annual Trophy Presentation Night

  • Refer to Fishing Competition Rules in Addendum

7.4.     Other Social Nights

  • When financially viable, the management committee shall organise other social events (e.g. Pizza Night) during the year, the cost of which shall be subsidised by the club

8.       Fundraising

  • Availability of Members to help
    • All members are to make themselves available to contribute towards fundraising for the club

8.2.     Sausage Sizzle @ Recycle Centre

  • Held on a Saturday morning from 7.30am to 1.30pm once a month. The Fundraising Coordinator shall roster members who can volunteer their time, and advise dates

8.3.     Meat Tray Raffle @ Fish Meets

  • Held on a Sunday afternoon from 2pm at Fish Meets. The Fundraising Coordinator shall roster members to sell tickets

9.       Information Technology

  • Webmaster
    • A webmaster shall be appointed to coordinate the website and gmail

9.2.     Website

  • The website shall be
  • The website shall contain information about Club Contacts, Fish Meet Rules & Reports, Gold & Silver Sponsors, Photo Galleries for Fish Meets and Photo Competition, Interclub Competition, Local Tides and Meeting
  • The website domain name shall be renewed for periods of five (5) years with, a payment for which is required.

9.3.     Gmail

9.4.     Newsletter Editor

  • A newsletter editor shall be appointed to summarise each Fish Meet in newsletter form and send it to the Webmaster for uploading to the        website, and including in the RHPA monthly

10.    Code of Conduct

  • Build up the club: do not destroy it. Have fun and enjoy
  • Treat all members with respect, decency and
  • At club activities, avoid inappropriate behavior that may abuse, intimidate, harass or upset anyone

11.    Termination of Membership

11.1.          The management committee shall be guided by the Constitution – refer to    Sections 10 (3), 10 (4) and 10 (5) – to resolve any non-compliance with   these by- laws that may result in membership termination.