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Club Rules






1.        Introduction

  • River Heads Fishing Club Inc shall conduct an annual internal fishing competition comprising eleven monthly “Fish Meet” competition weekends (excluding January).


2.        Eligibility to Compete

  • Members must be financial by 3pm on the Sunday of a Fish Meet to be eligible to record fish in that Fish Meet


3.        Competition Times

  • The fishing year shall be based on the financial year, commencing in July and finishing in
  • Fish Meets shall be held between 5am on the first Friday of the month and 2pm on the following
  • Changes to the dates of a Fish Meet may be made by the Management Committee but only due to exceptional circumstances (e.g. date clash).


4.        Competition Boundaries

  • Fishing boundaries shall be the mainland between Woodgate and Inskip Point, the Eastern side of Fraser Island, and from Sandy Cape back to
  • All fresh waters and tidal waters within these boundaries, or that run into the tidal waters within these fishing boundaries shall be
  • Protected (green) zones shall be


5.        Competition Categories

  • The competition shall comprise three categories, namely: Senior Male; Senior Female; and
  • Juniors shall be aged under 16 years old on the Friday of the June Fish
  • Juniors may compete in a Senior category, in which case they cannot compete in the Junior


6.        Recording of Fish

  • The following fish species shall be the only fish allowed for recording: Australian Bass; Barramundi; Black Jew; Black Marlin; Blackall; Blue Salmon; Bonefish; Bonito; Bream; Cobia; Cod; Coral Trout; Dart; Dolphinfish; Emperor; Finger Mark; Flathead; Flounder; Garfish; Giant Herring; Golden Trevally; Trevally (all other); Grunter; Hussar; Mackerel; Mangrove Jack; Mulloway; Nannygai; Parrot; Pearl Perch; Permit/Snubnosed Dart; Queenfish; Samsonfish; Snapper/Squire; Spanish Flag/Stripey; Sweetlip; Tailor; Tarpon; Threadfin Salmon; Tripletail; Tuna; Tuskfish; Wahoo; Whiting; Yellowtail
  • The “Recreational Fishing Rules and Regulations for Queensland” issued by the Dept of Agriculture and Fisheries shall apply and be met for all fish
  • The Club Fish Recorder shall be available at the River Heads Community Hall on the Sunday of all “Fish Meets” between 2pm and 3:15pm for recording of
  • Fish recorded must have been line-caught during the competition times by the member without outside help (gaffing or landing net excluded).
  • For each Fish Meet, members may record only one fish per
  • Two methods of recording fish exist, namely: supply photograph of live or dead fish on a brag mat with the month’s secret object; and 2. dead fish shall be measured by the Club Fish Recorder and Record Keeper and the individual angler(s).
  • Photographs shall be handed to the Club Fish Recorder on a USB memory stick or a camera card by a member or member’s representative. If this is not possible by the 3pm deadline, a member can email photos of fish for recording to in which case the deadline is
  • A secret object shall be communicated to all members by the Secretary at 5am on the Friday To be eligible for recording, this secret object, which will be one item only, shall be clearly visible in the photograph.
  • As fish longer than the maximum legal limit (e.g. flathead 75cm, barramundi 120cm) must be released, these shall only be accepted for recording when photographed on a brag mat with the secret object, prior to
  • If a fish could be confused with another species, the member shall provide extra identification (e.g. for a sand flathead, take a second photograph side-on of the tail).
  • The minimum length for a winter (trumpeter) whiting shall be 23cm. For all other fish that do not have a minimum legal limit, a minimum length of 25cm shall
  • The Club Record Keeper shall keep a permanent record of species and length recorded at each Fish Meet for each
  • Fish that have been mutilated in a way that could affect the overall length of the fish (e.g. severed gill connection, cut throat or broken back) shall not be accepted for
  • Frozen fish shall not be accepted for
  • Fish identification shall be as per “Guide to Fishes” by E. J.


7.        Awarding of Fishing Points

  • A slide show of all fish recorded for the Fish Meet shall be presented in the Community Hall from 3:15pm in the presence of members, during which fishing points shall be
  • Fishing points shall be awarded by the Club Fish Recorder and Record Keeper according to the length of the fish, 1 point per centimetre, measured from tip of the nose to tip of the tail e.g. a 50 cm fish shall be awarded 50 points.
  • Measurement of fish shall be rounded up or down as per the following example: a fish measuring 1cm to 35.4cm shall be awarded 35 points, and a fish measuring 35.5cm to 35.9cm shall be awarded 36 points.
  • Two target species, selected for each Fish Meet at the preceding monthly meeting, shall be awarded double
  • Game fish (black marlin), regardless of size, shall be awarded 200 points. A photo of the fish alongside the boat and including the secret object shall be required before points are
  • A member’s annual points score shall be the total of their best 9 Fish Meet
  • The Club Record Keeper`s decision is


8.        Presentation Night

  • The Club Presentation Night shall be held in June, at which the following annual trophies shall be awarded:
    • Senior Male Champion (highest annual points score in category)
    • Senior Male Runner-up
    • Senior Female Champion (highest annual points score in category)
    • Senior Female Runner-up
    • Junior Champion (highest annual points score in category)
    • Junior Runner-up
  • Club Champion (highest annual points score overall)
  • Most species recorded (where there is a tie, the highest annual point score shall be declared the winner).
  • Highest annual points scored for the following species: barramundi; blackall; bream (all); cod (all); flathead (all); grunter (all); mackerel (all); salmon (all); tailor; trevally (all); tuskfish; and whiting (all)
  • Presidents Award for Most Outstanding Catch (MOC) – currently sponsored by Reidy’s This is drawn from all MOC winners from the year’s Fish Meets.

8.2 A maximum of three (3) trophies can be awarded to any one member. Should a member qualify for more than three trophies, that member shall nominate which trophy(ies) that they will forgo (from the highest annual points scored for species category), which shall then be awarded to the runner-up(s).


9.        Disputes

  • Disputes related to a Fish Meet must be in writing and received by the Secretary within three

(3) days of the Fish Meet to be tabled at the next general/committee meeting.

  • Such disputes shall be investigated and resolved by the President and Club Record Keeper, whose decision shall be
  • The Secretary shall communicate the decision to all members, and no further correspondence will be entered


10.     Rules Review

  • Fishing Rules will be reviewed Proposed rule changes shall be presented at the April General Meeting, and distributed by the Secretary to all members, for the opportunity to respond with a YES or NO vote to each proposal by the date of the May Committee Meeting, at which voting results shall be presented. New rules shall be issued by 1 July and shall be fixed for one fishing year, unless deemed otherwise by the Committee.